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Should Numbers be Visible on Employee Appraisal Forms?

by Mike Beek on June 7, 2010

I’m looking for feedback on whether or not you think showing numbers on employee appraisal forms is a good or a bad idea.

What numbers am I talking about you ask?

  • The weighting of each performance measure.
  • The rating scale number like 1-5 instead of just the description for each level.

These questions came up in a discussion with an employer last week.

In talking about the first point, she said her company did not favor having the numbers appear on the employee appraisal form becuse it could influence how the manager rates the employee.

The argument for not showing the weighting for each performance measuer is that some mangers may ‘game the system’ to get the overall score to be what what want it to be.

The argument for not showing the rating scale numbers is that the manager may primarily look at that rather then seriously considering the description of each level.

Now, I’ll confess, I’ve only been exposed to employee appraisal forms that do display the numbers for both of these pieces of the form.

But, I got to thinking after hanging up the phone with this person that maybe she has something here.

I’d love to hear from you on your thoughts about this and / or your personal experiences.

Please talk a couple of minutes to fill out a 2-question survey by clicking on this link: Employee Appraisal Form Survey

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